The Unfolding Earth is a place to document the beauty and perils present in the world’s Biodiversity Hotspots and showcase the conservation and sustainable development efforts to spark further meaningful action. Here, emerging environmental writers and conservation photographers can find encouragement to use their work to support conservation efforts.

We explore the beauty of nature, the threats to biodiversity, the development pressures local communities face from globalization, and innovative conservation efforts through environmental writing and photography. Our goal is to inspire a love of nature and compel people to take action in support of meaningful conservation measures and sustainable development.

We invite you to explore the site to share in the awe of nature, learn about the fascinating animals and plants that call these hotspots home, and awaken to humanity’s unfolding relationship with the Earth.


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We welcome guest posts from citizen scientists, emerging writers and photographers, travelers, conservationists, and others exploring or working in the world’s Biodiversity Hotspots.

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