Christina Selby

Christina Selby is a freelance nature, travel, and conservation writer on a quest to visit all 35 Biodiversity Hotspots around the globe. She is creator and editor of The Unfolding Earth.

Wild places, wildlife, and wildflowers inspire her. Communities struggling to keep cultural traditions alive and figure out how to live sustainably move her.  Christina is most effective as an advocate when she spends lots of time in close contact with the natural world. It’s what fills her spirit. And people who are full of spirit are what the world needs most.

Christina has stumbled into and been humbled by seven of the earth’s Biodiversity Hotspots so far. As a mom of two small boys, she’s pretty sure 35 trips around the world will take a while and so looks forward to the contributions of others on this project.

Christina has worked as a field researcher in aquatic systems, activist, Peace Corps volunteer, environmental educator, and co-founded the non-profit environmental organization Earth Care. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology, Evolution and Animal Behavior and a Master’s in Environment & Community.

You can follow Christina on Twitter (@christinaselby) and find out about other freelance writing collaborations on