Heidi Zellie

Heidi Zellie is dedicated to ensuring people, the planet, and all interconnected relationships are allowed to thrive.  In this pursuit, she has been an environmental educator, ecologist, and writer for over 15 years.

Through her personal experience traveling the globe, Heidi has been able to see the world through the others’ lens and expand her worldview, creating the opportunity to develop solutions to unjust practices.  Heidi hopes to continue creating opportunities for youth to travel to conservation locations, allowing them to reflect on their personal prosperity and provoking positive change both locally and globally.

She completed her multidisciplinary undergraduate degree at Penn State University in EthnoEcology, minoring in Spanish.  Heidi is currently a graduate student at Miami University of Ohio’s Global Field Program where she is diving in to the practice of global conservation biology while journeying to Biodiversity Hotspots.  Her research is focused on inspirational models of resilient, biomimetic, socioecological networks.

She gains peace and perspective by climbing the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina, sitting quietly alone, or with her partner, giving thanks to the beautiful life they are blessed to experience.

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