Most of life on Earth can be conserved by protecting outstanding natural areas of rich biodiversity. These “hotspots” are home to unique, irreplaceable animals and plants. Many represent the largest and most intact ecosystems of their kind.

These 35 regions are both biologically rich and deeply threatened. Success in conserving species here can have an enormous impact on securing the world’s biological diversity.

The Unfolding Earth’s traveling conservation writers and photographers journey to these last great places to document their stunning beauty, the unique species and human communities, and the threats these regions are facing from human activity.

While the hotspots are our main focus, we also write about other places and species of ecological and cultural importance.

Priority Places: Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Status:
    India - April 2015

    OVERVIEWThe Himalayas, meaning "abode of snow" in Sanskrit, stretch across India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Ch..

  • Status:
    Africa - July 2015

    OVERVIEWStretching along the Atlantic coast of Africa, from southwestern South Africa into southern Namibia, the Succulent Karoo’s botanical div..