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The Unfolding Earth (TUE) explores the relationship of humans and nature as it unfolds in the earth’s most significant Biodiversity Hotspots. The goal of this website is to share the beauty of these places and the struggles to maintain biological and cultural diversity on our planet. We do this through writings and images that compel people to take action and support meaningful conservation and sustainable development efforts.

Thirty-five biodiversity hotspots span our planet. They hold the seeds of our past, the hope of our present, and the bridge to our future. TUE is on a quest to visit each of the thirty-five hotspots, document them through writing and photography, and educate and inspire TUE readers to take action for meaningful conservation.

The challenges these places face are unfolding more rapidly than one writer can travel there to witness them. The stories of these places urgently need to be told, connections need to be made, and action needs to be taken. That’s why TUE is recruiting other conservation writers and photographers to participate in this blog.

Have an expedition planned to one of The Unfolding Earth’s priority places? Headed to another region of ecological and cultural significance? If you are a professional or emerging writer and/or photographer and want to share your story and inspire support for a conservation project dear to your heart, we’d love to hear from you! Check out the About page and contact me about guest posts or becoming a Contributor.

Have a conservation project in a biodiversity hotspot? Share your story with us and have it featured on the site. See the About page for more on how to contact us.

Featured photo © Christina Selby

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